Train and Sustain...

TEAM5 is dedicated to preparing the indigenous regions to be self-sufficient because we never know if or when any other organization will follow our lead. Trailblazing through remote locations, including jungles, deserts, and woodlands, for countless hours by boat, vehicle and foot is something not all organizations are willing to do. 

With that in mind, we teach local practitioners in western medicine to include dentistry, wilderness and remote medicine, ultrasound, pharmacology, midwifery, veterinarian, and tactical medicine. Having a staff including professors, lecturers, and instructors in advanced techniques brings a high level of education to the training, which can be quite demanding as most times there are single and double translations being done. 

Including education and training is our Shadow Program consisting of 4th and 5th-year medical students from universities globally. 

Teaching suturing in Guatemala

Stapling session in the field in Nepal 2022


Suturing class in Guatemala from English to Spanish, and to Q'uichi by Nurse Brigit and Dr Christine

Idaho tccc

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course and K9 Down Course taught to several SWAT agnecies in Idaho 

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Lecturing at Zagreb Medical University in Croatia


Professor Burjor overlooking Doc Erics needle placement