March, 2018: Finding Tatiana in Peru

Depart: March 16, 2018
Return: March 22, 2018

Deployment Overview

Tatiana has been located (First photo to be released). @t5hammer669@jonwaynetaylor and Jhonny as well as translator Dessie deployed with #perunavyto her village of about 10 thatched huts on stilts in a finger off the Amazon jungle about 2 hours by boat from Pucallpa. As we basically bottomed out getting through the tight access and then idled down her Home basically appeared on the edge of the jungle. Google maps can’t even zoom into this GPS. Tatiana is doing very well. After speaking with her and her family, they have decided that they would like to get the next surgeries in the USA where we could utilize the best care possible. We are happy to report since her first T5 surgery Tatiana is now attending school for the first time and is enrolled for next year as well and has been accepted into the community. Our next step is taking all the documentation to the Embassy on Tuesday for our appointment. Thank you for all the amazing donations but we still need your help to keep fundraising for her transportation and lodging. We are still quite a few thousands from our goal of $10k.


  • Depart: March 16, 2018
  • Return: March 22, 2018
  • Coordinates:
  • Medical Patients: 1

Volunteer Team

Eric S. Linder, RMP, FAWM


Jon Wayne Taylor