"Water & Wellness" Addressing both the causes and consequences of the world water crisis.

Veterans Without Orders (VWO), a nonprofit focused on combatting the world water crisis, and Team 5 Medical Foundation, a nonprofit that provides medical care to the most overlooked areas of the world, will merge capabilities for their “Water and Wellness” initiative. The partnership reflects a more holistic approach to addressing both the causes and consequences of the water crisis.

“There is no better partnership for this purpose – both VWO and Team 5 bring equipment, treatment and education that is sorely needed in these regions,” said Rob Parish, Team 5’s Water and Wellness Program Manager. 

Parish will join VWO on their clean water mission to Livingston, Guatemala.  The “Water and Wellness” mission team will deliver clean water filters, medical aid, training and education to remote villages only accessible by foot and canoe. 

Deployment Stats

  • Depart: July 27, 2017
  • Return: July 31, 2017
  • Coordinates:
  • Medical Patients: 64

The Team

Robert Parish
Robert Parish
Strategic Partnerships

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