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Team 5 Foundation and its unpaid volunteers are completely committed to spreading medical care and education to those who need it. It is because of this commitment that every dollar donated goes directly into funding our expeditions. Your gift will make a difference by allowing us to provide medical support to those in need all around the world.

Please contact us if you have any questions or interest in becoming a sponsor. Thank you for your support.

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Team 5 Experience: Deployment

It costs $25,000 to deploy a full team to South America. We have been approached in the past about the possibility of being a part of the "Experience" even though they had no background in medicine, but wanted to be a part of something even bigger than themselves.

Not everyone has been able to or have had the chance to push their personal limits and become a part of Special Forces Medical Team, but always wanted to know how the comradery felt like.

This will be our first experiece offered to the general public, we did meet one of our donors at Volcano De Fuego last year and he was blown away to say the least. As its expressed: "You wont understand it, unitl your feet hit the ground". Being there, engulfed in the jungles, the colors, the sounds of the birds singing, the boats engines roaring up the river in the Amazon, the indigenous peoples appreciation and the entire experience, is indeed... Priceless!

If you donate a minimum of $25,000, a cost of a deployment, you will be welcomed as a Team Member on the deployment.

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