Advanced Team Heads to Peru

Team 5 will deploy with our advance team from the USA to Peru, starting in Lima. They will meet different groups including the military, village leaders from Ashaninka people which is the uncontacted tribes as well as San Juan clinic in Moyomaba, and reaching as far as hours north on the Rio Ucayali river past Pucallpa. Our main objective is to meet and acquire partnerships with the local healthcare facilities so we can determine their medical needs, the education they want to learn and the supplies that are lacking. Keith will be asking the locals to search out and make a list of children who need cleft pallet and lip reconstructions, burns which may need releases and graphs, and any other surgeries we may be able to provide.

Other topics in discussion will be the need for ground, air and water transportation, lodging or camp sites, clean water, food, clinic locations and total estimated costs to deploy the team. We will gather travel times, travel distances and number of clinic locations. This will help us determine if we will deploy a second team to the the river and have another in surgery.

We are also assisting a few new companies that donated clean water, solar lighting and temporary shelters for disasters. DayOne Response has given us a few water systems to demonstrate and leave behind. LuminAid and Cardborigami also donated great products that will help in these austere locations.

Because the area has a higher threat level, we are also meeting with local military leaders, US State Dept representatives and local business owners to get a strong grasp on what to expect, what gear we will need and places we should avoid. We will be sending location checking, progress updates as well as photos of the advance mission, so be sure to follow us on the social media. Your donations at SHOT SHOW 2016 made this advancement possible. We thank you for your financial support so we can give care one village at a time.

Background of the Asháninka people:

The Asháninka (their name means: our kinsmen) are estimated between 25,000 and 45,000. Only a few hundred of these live on the Brazilian side of the border. That means that among the 300,000 native people from 65 different ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon, the Asháninka are the second largest indigenous group, the Quechua being the largest. The Ashaninka communities are scattered throughout the central rainforests of Peru in the Provinces of Junin, Pasco, Huanuco and a part of Ucayali, and the state of Acre in Brazil.


Peru Advancement Team


March 14th - 21st, 2016


Lima, Pucallpa, Moyobamba & Rio Ucayali

Deployed Team Members:

Eric (Team Leader)

Keith (Director of Plastic Surgery)

Erika (Translator)

Stateside Support Team:

JW Taylor

Brian Daily

Chris & Jess

Clint Terill

Matt Scott

Clay Croft


DayOne Response




Winkler Knives

Osprey Packs

Salomon Boots


Triple Aught Design


Fighter Design


DreamQuest Productions


Smiths Optics

Goal Zero

Overland Journal

Spikes Tactical

Black Rain Ordinance

Combat Flip Flops