Combat Flip Flops “OPERATION HAWKEYE” Shemagh

Combat Flip Flops has teamed up with OPERATION HAWKEYE to create a limited edition OPERATION HAWKEYE shemagh. OPERATION HAWKEYE, which was started by 12 year-old Will Thomas as a tribute to 17 Special Operations members who lost their lives on 8/6/11, honors the sacrifices of fallen Special Operations forces (SOF) warriors, informs others of their heroism, and undertakes actions to support their families and causes.

The limited edition OPERATION HAWKEYE shemaghs are available through OPERATION HAWKEYE’s gear shop with ten percent of each sale going to groups Team-5 and THE STATION Foundation.

Team-5 is a small group of former special forces members and hand-selected medical and survival experts who travel to remote locations worldwide to give education, medical training, and donate much-needed supplies so the people they help can become self-sufficient.

THE STATION Foundation is a non-government agency that provides resources to all members and families of the Special Operations Community to help them meet the same elite performance in their personal lives as they enjoy in uniform. THE STATION Foundation is composed of Special Operations Veterans, active duty members, and families who walk the path and live by the Special Operations creed.

When asked about the partnership between Combat Flip Flops and OPERATION HAWKEYE, Combat Flip Flops CEO Matthew ‘Griff’ Griffen said, “Why wouldn’t we support a kid that’s pushing limits, shattering records, and making a ton of noise to help those he doesn’t know. He’s the epitome of a Stokesperson and we’re psyched to have him on the team.”

Only 250 of these limited edition OPERATION HAWKEYE shemaghs were produced by Combat Flip Flips. Each shemagh is handmade and manually embroidered in Kabul, Afghanistan and retails for $29.99. For more information on the Combat Flip Flops and OPERATION HAWKEYE collaboration, or to buy a shemagh, please visit the OPERATION HAWKEYE gear shop.