Founder Eric Linder discusses transitioning SOF to Humanitarianism 

International symposium on Tactical Combat Casualty Care in military and law enforcement missions for medics, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and physicians. Founder Eric S. Linder of TEAM5 will be lecturing about transitioning SOF medical specialists into humanitarian aid missions. How newly discharged members can utilize their skillsets to help those less fortunate and still be a part of the team that they have recently left. 

The focus of the CMC Conference 2023 will be „all in“. It emphasizes the necessity to be all aware of the geopolitical situation and to put it in context with the ongoing advancement of the TCCC principles. To include all lessons learned and experiences made from past and ongoing areas of operation. All challenges and options that arise from new technologies and scientific progress must also be in the mix. As well as a comprehensive approach on material, environmental and human ressource.

For the treatment of our wounded it must be paramount: all in or not at all.

In 2014, 2016 and 2018 we provided expertise and a networking stage to up to 1300 participants from over 30 nations. Not even the Covid-19 Pandemic could stop us in 2021. We went virtual. After the great success the 1st PARIS SOF CMC-CONFERENCE (a satellite Conference from the CMC-Conference dedicated to SOF Medical Personnel) we are happy to announce that we will be back on-site even though we have moved to a new venue.

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