Ethan Moss presented "Youth Philanthropic" Award!

Ethan Moss is a High School student and the nephew of founder Eric Linder of Team 5. Ethan has been working with our director of operations, Dave Schneider, the past few months on a grant for the foundation because he believes in the project. For those who do not know what goes into writing a grant or the process, it is a very long and tedious process that incorporates time, perseverance, belief in the project and public speaking on our behalf. Ethan spent countless hours on this project and put a lot of his personal time aside to help others. Ethan has gone above and beyond the was able to secure $1,500 of a total $5,000 yearly grant from the Jewish Foundation. Ethan was able to raise enough funds to deploy one doctor on the next mission.

Team 5 would like to recognize Ethan for his hard work by presenting him with Team 5 Foundation's "Youth Philanthropic" Award.