Finding Tatiana

Team 5, a Veteran 501c3 Non-Profit Medical Foundation deployed this past year to the Peruvian Amazon River near Pucallpa to run medical/dental clinics and perform plastic surgery on cleft lips and pallets when we came across and amazing 7 year old, Tatiana. Tatiana has a "Transverse Cleft Pallet" and has lived with this since birth.

The birth defect has impacted her life amongst her tribe where she was not accepted and also has no friends and did not go to school because of the embarrassment.

Tatiana heard from the AM radio in her village that a medical team was deployed to the Amazon Hospital to do cleft surgeries, which was a 4 hour dangerous boat ride up the Amazon River where Narco/Human Trafficking is prominent. Having zero funds for a seat on the water taxi, Tatiana plead with her mother to help raise the equivalent to $5.00 US. The village pulled together and got a seat for her and her mother.

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