K&N Catches Up With Team 5 Medical Foundation at the Overland Expo West

The Overland Expo West is an annual congregation of folks with a passion for adventure and the vehicles that make those adventures possible. It turns out it is also a place to be inspired by people with an overriding desire to change the world and the vehicles that make their life-saving mission possible.

The Team 5 (T5) Foundation is changing the world in a very direct and tangible way. The team’s motto may just sum it up best, “In order to be involved, you must first show up.” As you will read, T5 certainly “shows up” for those in need around the world, so catching up with them at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona, meant finding them in a rare sedentary moment.

T5 provides critical medical care to the most remote regions around the world. The foundation sends teams of – you guessed it – five talented medical professionals to places that are in dire need of their services.