Lighting Up Medical Care in the Most Hard to Reach Places

Report from Team 5:

We are deep in Peru and doing a joint mission with the Peruvian Navy’s 7th Fleet and the Ministry of Health (MINSA). We have handed out hundreds of LuminAID solar lights and have been using them in the clinic and pharmacy. At the moment, we’ve treated over 1,500 patients and still have 5 days to go, including about 20 cleft palates plastic surgeries.

The team sailed 16 hours from Lima to Chambote, Peru and then traveled another hour and a half by military convoy to the city of Moro, a very underdeveloped and remote location. This is the first time that any humanitarian aid has reached the city, and while Team 5 and the Peruvian Navy were at the clinic, it was the largest gathering in local history.

In addition to handing out the LuminAID lights to the people they treat, Team 5 also used the solar lanterns to light their tents so they could continue to treat patients, regardless of the amount of natural light available.