SOF Veterans Using Their Skills & Gear for the Greater Good

Team 5, a non-profit SOFMED veteran foundation that provides medical care in the most overlooked remote areas of the world, in cooperation with the Peruvian National Government, is heading to Peru for its next mission, Sept. 1-15, 2016. The team will consist of 5 medical professionals, a translator, logistics expert and film crew.

Heading into the Andean-Amazonian valley (VRAE), an area controlled by the military, the team will provide dental and medical care, out patient surgical procedures, and ultra-sounds for pregnant mothers. Supplies will then be donated to support the community’s medical needs after Team 5 departs. In addition to the medical care, there will also be a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Tactical Medicine) course provided to the tactical medics of the Peruvian Air Force, Army and Marines.

The Peru Deployment consists of...