Tactical medicine helps local law enforcement save lives in critical situations

ST. ANTHONY – Eighteen members of law enforcement in the upper valley became certified in Tactical Medicine over the weekend.

Tactical medicine gives officers the skills to administer immediate care to victims in critical situations.

During a role-play at the Search and Rescue building in St. Anthony Saturday, a SWAT team simulated an active-shooter situation. In the scenario, members of law enforcement administered to wounded victims, placed a tourniquet on their legs to stop the bleeding and dragged them out of the building to safety while they waited for EMS responders to arrive.

“They have to be able to perform quick, life-saving skills and then take care of the threat,” says Eric Linder, Founder of Team 5 Medical Foundation. “Once the bad guy is in custody, then EMS can come in.”

If an officer gets injured or shot, the course also teaches law enforcement how to save their own life as well as the life of their fellow officers.

“Just because you get shot, doesn’t mean you’re dead,” Linder says. “We teach them how to put on their own tourniquets, how to seal their wounds, and still stay in the fight.”

Team 5 Medical Foundation is a Las Vegas nonprofit that administers tactical medicine all over the world. The team works with local law enforcement to train and support smaller departments. This weekend Team 5 worked with the St. Anthony Police Department, which hosted the training, and with Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Rexburg Police Department, Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office...