Team 5 Foundation After-action Report: Peru, 3/2016

Team 5 deployed to Peru with an advance team to make the necessary connections to complete the following tasks:

  1. Connect Team 5 with the military for airlift into the Amazon jungle
  2. Agreement with military and/or police for a TCCC course (Combat Medic)
  3. Gain relationships with local villages, clinics and businesses
  4. Scout locations for future missions, housing, food and transportation
    1. Meet local healthcare facility managers and healthcare providers
    2. Inventory the existing healthcare facility equipment and list items not available and needed for our work
    3. Acquire a wish list of items the local healthcare providers need donated
    4. Diagnose the major health impacts for region, including cleft palates, burns and more
    5. Acquire an agreement to use the facility
  5. Meet and gain permission from Peru health department to work with women’s, children’s and orphanages’ health for the entire country.
  6. Locate facilities that can handle the donation of supplies and medications

During the mission we successfully accomplished all of our goals plus built relationships that go past the regular meet and greet. We were fortunate enough to be connected with a group called “Camino De Vida”, which assisted us immensely with a photographer, translator and introduced us to generals, colonels, majors, political figures and health department contacts. Without their assistance we would still be working on our goals. Thank you to the entire group… you rocked it!

Team 5 is keeping our contacts close, and we are now in the paper stage of our commitments to each other where we will be conducting a TCCC course for a select group of twenty Special Forces members, running our usual dental, medical and surgical clinics, as well as ultrasounds and a donation of supplies to keep these regions sustained for several months to come.

Our program and the deployment of our first team into the Amazon jungle for its first Peru mission is scheduled for September 2016. We are in the process of building a list of cleft palates/lips to reconstruct, and will be sending out fliers to the villages to demonstrate before and after results of the medical procedures.

Team selection is still ongoing, and we ask interested volunteers to apply on-line at Special Forces SOFMED do have priority for medics, and we are always looking to build our database of doctors, anesthesiologists, ER/PICU nurses and volunteers who want to help raise awareness and fundraise.

Please keep watching and following the team as we conduct fundraisers, events and status updates for the mission.

“In order to be involved, you must first show up.”