Team 5 partners with Jewish Renaissance Foundation

Team 5 Foundation has joined forces with Jewish Renaissance Foundation (JRF), a nonprofit corporation with central offices in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The new partnership will allow Team 5 to act as an advanced scouting team for JRF by deploying into new areas as the first boots on the ground to assist in paving the way. This will allow future JRF missions to have more impact, while permitting Team 5 to go into new regions where advance skills are needed to prepare for the larger medical support that JRF brings to the table. T5 will also be used for relief efforts coordinated by JRF as this small team comprised of experts are always ready to deploy in just a matter of hours for humanitarian aid, as in the San Marcos earthquake in Guatemala.

Jewish Renaissance Foundation has a strong base of doctors & nurses dedicated to share their talents and respond to the needs of neighbors. Team 5 Foundation shares this goal while bringing to bear remote medical experts that can prepare the field for safely receiving the needed doctors and medical personnel. The combined efforts of both foundations will provide an unstoppable force of good helping remote locations around the world and share the same philosophy of being a non-political organization.

JRF and T5 are already preparing for the first deployment on January 2nd to the Dominican Republic where they will run remote clinics in the overlooked villages. At the same time they will donate $1M of supplies and medications to the hospitals and clinics