Team 5 provides lecture to students in Zagreb

Team 5 had the opportunity to speak with students while in Zagreb. The lecture topics included Team 5's inception and expansion, the Shadow Program, and medical procedures and techniques.

Eric Linder and Dr. Keith Rose explained the challenges of starting Team 5, and covered the growth of the Foundation over the last eight years. The team has expanded to include dental, medical and surgical expertise to staff all remote medical procedures. There is also educational strategy that supports each mission with curriculum blocks for the local healthcare workers.

The student's first deployment took place in 2017. The class discussed the successes that were achieved on that mission as well as the opportunity for deployments in 2018. Some of the potential 2018 mission locations included Papa New Guinea and Peru, where a floating hospital boat could be employed. The selection process is on-going, but the discussion was valuable in moving the analysis forward.

Dr. Keith Rose was able to spend time with the plastic surgery department at the university. His lecture covered the updated procedures and techniques that are critical for improving the surgical outcomes of patients.