Team 5 “Shadow Program” will launch in one week

The Team 5 “Shadow Program” will launch in one week to the deep jungles of the Amazon River with five medical students.

Eric “Hammer” will be the Team Leader who will deploy with a hand-selected, over-the-top, specialized team that will be proving care from basics like deworming to the most difficult in plastic surgery. They will deploy daily from Pucallpa, Peru with the assistance of the Peruvian Navy utilizing their vessels to motor on the Amazon River where they will than proceed on foot to the overlooked villages of the indigenous. Each day more than 5 villages will hike to a location where they will be met by the team. An estimated 120-200 patients will be helped each day, and a total of 10 surgeries completed for the week. Care includes dental, oral surgery, medical clinic, outpatient care, deworming and ultrasounds. Donations will include optical readers from Americares, donation of solar lights from LuminAid and portable clean water from Fluid Technologies Solutions. This team is comprised of (1) Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Keith, (1) Oral Surgeon, Dr. Ozzie, (2) SOFMED Practitioners, Eric “Hammer” & Dave “Cheeseburger”, (1) Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, Brigit “B1” and a 5.1 addition, Dr. Richard, who will overlook the students.

The shadow program originated from the Zagreb Medical University in Croatia where Hammer and Doc Keith were invited to lecture back in April. The students are in their 3rd-5th year in medical school and were selected by a board. The program will be overlooked by Dr. Richard of Team 5. The students selected are Nadav (Shadow Program Leader), Lea, Bernice, Elaina and Marko. Dr. Richard, along with the rest of T5, will be working with the students so they can get hands on experience with the basics in clinic and shadow the surgeries. This is a great partnership with the universities, and we believe it will be very successful. The students will be earning credits towards their degrees and will have nightly lectures and workbook sign-offs.

The Peruvian Navy is supplying two (2) patrol style ships and one (1) floating hospital for the team to use. They will also be providing two (2) doctors to assist with the procedures. Each day we will motor to a new location and return to basecamp before dark. The Peruvian Navy also made accommodations with the Pucallpa Hospital where the surgeries will take place as well as providing anesthesiologists, pre-op and post-op. We had a very good working relationship on the last deployment with the Peru Special Forces Commandos in the VRAE, so we are looking forward to be working with the Navy on this one.

Team 5 prides itself on being the ones who venture off the grid by trailblazing to the remote areas overlooked, because of the level of physical fitness needed to reach or just because its locations others don’t dare to try. Using SOF, survival experts and athletes allows us to venture harder and farther. We are only successful because of those who take vacation time away from their families to join a hand selected team, and by having sponsors who understand that being the norm is just, well, boring!