Team 5 supporting Idaho Police Department's TacMed Program

Rexburg Police Department in Idaho has added a Tactical Medical Program to their Special Weapons and Tactics Team. Team 5 is now assigned to this team. T5 has been a part of the multi-jurisdictional task for the last two years in Idaho, and as the program grows, more departments have shown interest. The objective of the foundation is to assist in training for Tactical Medicine, Officer Down, Active Shooter and being sworn officers of the actual SWAT entry team. As members in the inner circle, response to anyone injured will have no delay as the Medic/Doctor is already inside the active area and has the essential medical supplies and experience needed.

Along with this, Team 5 has incorporated a Tactical Veterinarian who will also be deployed with the police K9 officers into the hot zones where he can treat any injuries to the working police dog. As you can imagine, the k9 is an intricate and costly part of the team, and is also an officer, which deserves the best care available. Having the TacVet on scene will minimize the injuries and extend the chances of survival.

Near the end of the second quarter of 2019, Team 5 has an Advanced TCCC Course and a TacVet K9 Course scheduled for the multi-jurisdictional teams.

Team 5 Roll Call for Sworn TACMED Team Officers:

  • Officer Eric S. Linder, RMP, TMP (Lead)
  • Officer Daniel Weist, EMTP/FF, TMP (TacMed)
  • Officer Aaron Bivens, DMV, TCCC (TacVet)