Team 5 teams up with Got Your Six Coffee Co. to create a SOFMED Humanitarian Blend

From Got Your Six Coffee Co:

Our mission is “Service to those who serve” and one of the things we love doing at GY6CC is supporting, inspiring, motivating and helping others to accomplish their mission of service to others. Team 5 Foundation is a unique nonprofit that consists of Special Forces Medics and Doctors, otherwise known as SOFMED. They use their skillsets in a positive manner to accomplish humanitarian efforts in third world countries. We want to be a positive voice for them. We love their drive, their passion, commitment and motivation to help others. We have created a special coffee to support their mission. We are taking profits from every bag sold and using it to support Team 5. Order your bag of coffee today and know that you are using the power of coffee to fuel kindness, love and compassion for those in need.

Support the Team 5 and enjoy your morning coffee. Order yours today!