Team 5's Prepares for the 2019 Peru Navy Deployment

Team 5 is scheduled to deploy a joint medical campaign with the Peruvian Navy's 7th Fleet as well as the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

This two part mission will comprise of veterans, ultra athletes and 5th year medical students from Zagreb School of Medicine, Croatia.

Part 1 will launch on 9/17 where the volunteer team will arrive in Lima, Peru late at night and at first light be transported to a Naval Ship where they board and sail almost 2 days north to the port of Pisco. From there they will conduct days of Medical/Dental/Ultrasound clinics as well as teach a Tactical Combat Casualty Course to 20 Navy Corpsman. The days will begin very early and late... We will be using military transport to and from locations as well as trekking by foot. Medical clinic will also include deworming, donating LuminAid solar lighting, reading glasses and Oral B toothbrushes. We will be making a clinic by using our donated SHIFTPOD which after the mission be re-donated to those who do remote clinics.

Part 2 will happen on 9/25 when we have a changing of staff and some of the medical team and students will head back to Lima and Dr. Keith and Erika will be flown to Pisco. We will then complete 4-5 days of surgeries to include cleft lips/pallets and sail south at the same time back to Lima and end on Oct 1st.

Follow the mission on our facebook page/ team5foundation

Usual Suspects:
Eric "Hammer" Linder, RMP
Dave "Cheeseburger" Schneider, RMP
Keith "Redbull" Rose, MD
Erika "Den Mom" Rose
Kevin "Major" Smith, DMD

Repeat offenders:
Saskia Mueller
Viktor Ilekovic, MD
Bryan Vande Sande, HM

New recruits:
Jenny Martino, MD
Allan Smith
Petra Ivancic
Lucia Mrden
Teo Renee

Sponsors: Americares, North American Rescue, Shiftpod, Tasmanian Tiger, SnugPak, LumidAid, WileyX, Leatherman, Massif, Exofficio, Altra, Medaire, Sonosite, Got your Six Coffee, Winkler Knives, Jason Knight Knives, Native Planet, SPOT, Skallywag Tactical, Osprey, Axia Technology