Undaunted Apparel Team 5 Sit Down

Corey Trimmer with Undaunted Apparel has a sit down with Eric Linder of The Team 5 Foundation on their relationship and what they are doing as a TEAM. The Team 5 Foundation goes on missions around the globe helping tribes and 3rd world countries people in need of medical help and surgeries. They are a Vegas Born, Veteran Founded and Volunteered Powered 501C3 Organization for the better good. We came together a while back with similar interests and needs for each other. Undaunted Apparel believes in our slogan "Wear What Matters" to the fullest amount of the phrase. When we were introduced to the TEAM 5 Foundation it was a no brainer on whether we wanted to be involved or not. Eric and Team 5 needed our services for printing and making product to be available to the general public for purchase. The products we make for the TEAM 5 Foundation are available for purchase and the proceeds go to the foundation to help fund the missions. Ultimately the people in the need of medical services that the Team 5 help are getting the benefit through your purchases. In this video we are going over the on going effort and relationship between Undaunted Apparel and Team 5. We together are doing good things to help people around the world that the media and most people do not know even exist. You too can get involved in many ways to make a difference in peoples lives. Check out the Team 5 Foundation at: https://www.team-5.org/

Their apparel is available from their website or right here: https://undauntedclothing.com/vendor/...

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Undaunted Apparel TEAM - Wear What Matters