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Team 5 Medical Foundation Heads to Nepal with Support by Tasmanian Tiger®

Team 5 Medical Foundation’s first post-COVID humanitarian aid mission starts March 2022 with a team of highly trained medical professionals to assist indigenous populations in the Palpa regions of Nepal. Tasmanian Tiger®, a Silver Sponsor, is providing support with product and financial donations to the non-profit SOFMED veteran foundation, Team 5.

Full-time or side-job: 3 pulmonologists share why they do locums

When critical care pulmonologist Dr. Jenny Martino finished her medical training in 2011, she decided to take a permanent job in Washington State. But after three years, she was ready for a change.

Tasmanian Tiger Partners with Team 5 Medical Foundation

Tasmanian Tiger’s Silver Sponsorship of the non-profit SOFMED veteran foundation helps provide medical care in remote areas of the world.

#MemberMonday: Eric Linder of Team 5 Foundation

Imagine taking a six-month sabbatical to lead small volunteer teams across 5 continents in 5 months to provide medical assistance to some of the most overlooked and indigenous regions of the world. That’s just what member Eric Linder, RMP, FAWM, is doing through his nonprofit headquartered in Las Vegas, Team 5 Foundation.

Team 5 Veterans Redefine Wilderness Medicine

​Originally founded in 2010 by veteran Eric Linder, Team 5 is a nonprofit veteran foundation that provides medical care in some of the most remote corners of the world.

Lighting Up Medical Care in the Most Hard to Reach Places

In this Notes From the Field, we take a look at Team 5 Medical Foundation’s trip to the remote city of Moro in Peru. Team 5 is a veteran foundation that provides medical care in the most overlooked and remote areas of the world.

BAP Pisco returns to the port of Callao after the operation "Mar Solidario" 2019 in Chimbote

23 surgeries, 4169 medical services performed with the support of Team 5

Áncash: Pisco ship arrived in Chimbote to carry out health campaign

Peruvian and foreign doctors will attend the population in the facilities of the Navy ship, from September 25 to 29

Chimbote: Health campaign of the Navy "Mar Solidario" benefited 1700 residents of Moro

Around 1,700 people from the Ancashino district of Moro, located in the province of Santa, and their 24 villages benefited from free medical care and distribution of medicines

Health campaign benefits residents of Ancashino district of Moro

Peruvian Navy organized "Solidarity Sea"