Daniel Weist

Base Logistics Officer

Dan has been in EMS for over 25 years 21 years as a paramedic, on the Clark County Fire Dept for the last 15 years as a Firefighter/paramedic. Dan has also been on the Nevada Task Force 1 FEMA USAR team for 12 years and currently serves as a Medical Specialist as well as a water and swift water rescue tech and certified boat operator. He is a private pilot with an instrument rating with over 2000 hrs of flight time and enjoys donating flight time to both Angel Flight West as well as PilotsNPaws. He received the Ventura County peace officers assosciation medal of merit, the highest civilian award given by them and the Clark County Fire Dept Meritorious Service Award as well as a Congressional Citation.

Dan love to to fly, camp, scuba dive, just about anything that keeps him outdoors.

Deployments with Team 5