Dr. Aaron Bivens, DVM, TCCC


Dr. Aaron Bivens is originally from Riverside California. At six years old he decided to become a Veterinarian after losing his first childhood feline companion. It was then he knew he wanted to intervene when any pet is in need, and help bring them back to health. Dr. Bivens played Baseball and finished his undergraduate studies at Tuskegee University. He continued to graduate from Tuskegee School of Veterinarian Medicine in 2011 with ACVIM Clinical Excellence award and AAHA Small Animal Medicine Achievement award. Dr. Bivens took a special interest in Ophthalmology and soft tissue surgery while in Vet school and continues to practice these skills in his professional career. Dr. Bivens spends his days off with his two English Bulldogs, Chubbs and Slim, and loves to BBQ, kayak, hike, and escape to the beach any chance he gets.

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