Dr. Douglas Stephenson, DO

Medical Director

Dr Douglas Stephenson currently works in New Zealand with the National Health Service. Doug is an Attending Physician in the Acute & General Medicine department and is the Medical Director, Quality & Patient Safety for the Waikato Health District in New Zealand. He earned his Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians and holds Vocational Registration (Board Certification), Internal Medicine. Doug has almost 30 years of experience as a physician, teacher and world traveler. He and his wife, Dr Kenna Stephenson, volunteered in the US, Belize and Guatemala while still living in the US.

We first met Eric in Belize during a medical mission in March 2010. We had heard there was guy wanting to meet up with us and we knew little else about him. A few hours later, Eric Linder came walking toward us, with the Chief of Police and the local mayor as his personal escort! We have been friends ever since.

We believe that all people deserve medical care - no matter their geographic location or situation. Team 5 goes where the need is with a wonderful spirit and altruistic tenacity.v

Deployments with Team 5