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James Davenport, BEMS, FF/NR-P, CCEMT-P, ATP

Prior to military service, James worked as a firefighter/paramedic in SC. Due to the events of 9/11 James enlisted and subsequently graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Courseas a Green Beret Medic. Afterwards he began a deployment cycle that would lead him to Columbia, Kosovo, multiple nations throughout Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In October 2012 while on deployment with 7thSpecial Forces Group (Airborne) to Afghanistan, James sustained multiple combat injuries across a six-week period including two separate IED incidents 14 days apart. Injuries from the second IED incident included the amputation of his left leg and multiple soft tissue injuries. Seven weeks after his injury James took the first steps on a new leg and has never looked back. After 97 surgeries, a lengthy rehab, and two more combat deployments James retired in October 2016. He currently lives in Williamston, SC with his wife and daughter and works for North American Rescue in Public Safety Programs, for Anderson County Sheriff Office as a SWAT training officer and senior medic and volunteers as a firefighter in his community.

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