About Kevin Krefting, PMP

Kevin Krefting has been volunteering for Team 5 Foundation since 2011.  In his off-time he provides expertise and guidance in the areas of technology and marketing.  During the week Kevin serves as the chief information officer of the insurance technology company, MākuSafe Corporation.

Kevin has spent much of his career influencing technology through project management, quality assurance, software engineering and data analysis.  Prior to MākuSafe, he served as Director of Operations for iPowow, a startup company in the interactive television space.  He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Northern Iowa.  Organizations he has served include Mercer, Wells Fargo, Aviva and Fox Sports 1 (SPEED Channel). 

Kevin and his wife of 8 years, Lana, have a three year old daughter.  They live in Iowa where they remain close to their extended families who reside in the midwest.

Deployments with Team 5