K9 DOWN - Advanced K9 Medical Course, 2019

Depart: June 22, 2019
Return: June 23, 2019
Coordinates: 38°57'33.804"N, 95°15'55.739"W

Deployment Overview

Team 5 held a pilot program in Las Vegas on 6/22-23 at their main based office at the  Innevation Center for an Advanced K9 Medical Course we called "K9 DOWN". 

Team TCCC Veterinarian Dr. Aaron Bivens, DVM, TCCC & Team Leader Eric S. Linder, TMP, FAWM created a 2 day in house course which comprised from a head to paw daily check up to the most advanced scenarios including heat stroke and IV therapy, Anaphylaxis and administration of Epi to gunshot and knife trauma and inserting an surgical airway, needle decompression, inserting a tube to fix un-bloating of a twisted stomach from Powerpoint to hands on live K9's all the way to a cadaver lab where the owner donated her loved one for science so the officers could do the procedures in a real setting. 

This is a very advanced, in depth look at how to save your K9 partner in a crises behind the lines where its not possible for a Vet to be present. Team 5 is fortunate enough to have Officer Dr. Bivens DVM, TCCC on staff as a sworn officer with Rexburg Police Department, Idaho who actually posts in the inner perimeter and has TacMeds on the entry team that are cross trained by Bivens in VetMed. Together this reduces the risks of losing the K9 in the field as they both work together to save the K9, which in fact is a Police Officer. 

Team 5 is an accredited POST training center and the certifications are known worldwide. T5 is proud to donate these courses to those departments who cannot afford to train their officers or conduct advanced courses where this type of training is not provided. We are always looking for a department to help sponsor projects. 

Watch a clip on the event from KSNV News 3 Las Vegas: https://news3lv.com/watch?video=81ec6ba7-9732-4dde-894e-1ea5fff644b7


  • Depart: June 22, 2019
  • Return: June 23, 2019
  • Coordinates: 38°57'33.804"N, 95°15'55.739"W

Deployment News

Elite volunteers based in Las Vegas provide help around the world

From natural disasters to medical aid and surgery, even education, Team 5 is a highly skilled group of people deploying to make a difference.

Volunteer Team

Eric S. Linder, RMP, FAWM


Dr. Aaron Bivens, DVM, TCCC


Daniel Weist

Base Logistics Officer