TEAM5 has successfully completed 17 international missions into the worlds most austere and remote locations serving indigenous communities, responded to three natural disasters and treating over 6,500 patients. Furthermore, our program has taught over 250 local healthcare workers in numerous topics, including midwifery, wilderness medicine, and tactical combat casualty care worldwide, to ensure they continue to be sustained.

We have also completed over 35 cleft lips/pallets and outpatient surgeries over the past few years when introducing a plastic surgeon into the team. This year we are proud to announce new practices including cardiology, nephrology and obstetrics in 2021 and 2022.

Our future missions will consist of locations that have not had the opportunity to have ever been served by western medicine. We seek indigenous regions which have been overlooked and so remote; it takes a specialized group of experts to reach utilizing our survival experts, ultra-athletes, logistical team and our Special Forces veterans, so it's not only successful but safe.

Unlike most foundations, TEAM5 believes in sharing all its information on our missions and "hand-off" to other organizations which can continue to carry the torch and provide assistance whether medical, clean water or infrastructure.